Wednesday, 16 December 2009

More Christmas Ornaments.

I did find more silver ornaments when I went out yesterday, and some pretty clear glass ornaments too, but more about that in a moment.
I decided that my tree could do with a few more ribbons. I couldn't find more like the wedding ribbons, so instead bought a couple of yards of some pretty silver with blue stars and some sparkly silver pipe cleaners. I'm fairly sure everyone knows how to make ribbons for their tree, but just in case you've been in a cave or on a remote island for ever, here's how I did it.
I cut my ribbons into about 3 pieces per meter /yard.

I cut my long pipe cleaners into 6 inch pieces,

I made two folds in each piece of ribbon, (making three layers)
Then I pinched the ribbon in the centre and twisted the pipe cleaner around it.

After a couple of twists I tweaked out the ribbon, mine has wire in the edges to help it hold its shape.
Then I used the same pipe cleaner to twist it onto my tree. Not too tightly, so that it is easy to get off in a couple of weeks and reuse another year.
There you have it, quick, simple and cheap decorations which even the kiddies and men can make!
As I said before I found some pretty glass decorations, but try as I might I just can't get a nice pic of them, so you'll have to take my word for how good they look.
I also found this beautiful heart ornament......
and two of these bells.
Isn't it lovely? They are not such a good early warning system as the gold bells, but I love them anyway.
The little blue cushion hanging behind the heart is a Pam Kellogg piece. Her crazy quilt work is just beautiful. I'm the very lucky owner of several items made by Pam.
I promised Joe and Tony that I would do some baking today, but yesterday after I had been into town I set to at the sewing machine again, I've made gifts for my colleagues who like me will be working on Christmas day. You've heard of the Chippendales right? Come back tomorrow for more. LOL
1) Time to play.
2) Christmas inspiration.
3) Cold but dry days.

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Janice said...

The bows look great and thanks for showing how they're done. Your blue and silver theme is really stylish.