Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Sunny days.

It's been another beautiful day here in Ramsey and in spite of the fact that I rowed my way across the sitting room this morning, I just couldn't resist going out for a walk this afternoon. Last night I think I had the worst nights sleep ever, I've been feeling low all day, but a good dose of sunshine has lifted my mood a little.
It's been a few weeks since I was in Poyll Dooey and almost a year since I took a camera. I didn't go mad, just a few pictures this time.
Firstly the sign, pointing in completely the wrong direction!

The Sulby river which runs along side the nature trails is tidal and while I was there the tide was coming in. This old gate post has been washed by the tide for as long as I can remember, I really don't know why it's there at all.
After a walk around some of the many foot paths that make up the nature trail I walked up the road a short distance to the old railway line. The track used to run around Ramsey prom and harbour then on to Peel on the west coast of the island.

Today the majority of the line is gone, but the lane remains as foot paths.
I came across all manner of plants and animals, this blossom caught my eye and the camera.

I could hear Bumble bees buzzing away in the gorse, I saw butterflies dancing their spring dance, all around me I could hear birds singing and chirruping away. I saw magpies and pheasants and even a peacock! Though none of them would stay still and pose for my camera.
By the time I returned to the start of the walk the tide had come in.
Of course all of this healthy exercise means that once again I've done very little in the way of needle work. I'm off to see if I can finish the second front of this cardigan before I have to make dinner.
1) Sunny days
2) Sights and sounds of spring.
3) 207

Monday, 30 March 2009

It's a beautiful day.

I'm trying to make the most of my last two days off work so today I had a lazy morning, doing lots and lots of nothing! Well, I did read a few blogs, does that count as something or nothing?
This afternoon as it turned nice I went off out with my camera. No great long journeys today, just a stroll around the harbour.
I love how blue the water looked.
Then I wandered into the park, and this odd man out caught my eye.
He is trying to hide in the golden host.

A quick turn around the lake, then home to do some more knitting.
The wind has dropped and it was a lovely walk.
Speaking of my knitting, I've finished the back and the left front of my latest creation. This afternoon before going out I made a start on the right front, yes, I have double checked and I'm not repeating myself again! LOL
Now I suppose I had better cook dinner.
1) One more day off.
2) A nice day
3) A quick and easy dinner.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Prince Alberts Tower.

Coming for another walk? There are lots of pictures, all taken with my new camera.
In 1847 Queen Victoria and her beloved Prince Albert visited Ramsey. Albert was taken on a walk around the district and is said to have stopped to admire the view atop a hill over looking the town. So later a tower was built on that very spot to commemorate their visit.
Said tower is that tiny dot, on top of this hill.
We walked along the road for a way, until we could get in to the trees under the tower.
We followed winding foot paths through the trees and up the hill side.

I wasn't the only one with a camera.

We stopped to admire the views at various points of the climb. It was much clearer in real life, but we could see Ireland from the above viewpoint.
When is a tree not a tree?
When it's a telecommunications mast!
That's not a bad disguise.
And here it is, Alberts Tower. Along with a crop of undisguised telecommunications masts.

When we looked out, just where DD Kay is stood we could see the whole of the North of the island and Scotland, away on the horizon.
Look Mummy, you can see our house!! LOL (I'll let you guess!)
We walked around the tower and the foot path continued across the fields to an old farm house.

After walking down the farm track we crossed the road. (Part of the TT course) and on to another foot path. This is where we stopped for lunch.

We continued down the hill to the reservoir. Ramsey has only a small reservoir, with most of our water coming from the Sulby damn.
We still treat and use the water gathered here though. This building houses the treatment works.
As you can see, we're at the top of the damn, we walked around the reservoir.

I did say it's only small!
Spring is in the air.

All around the water there are tiny streams and rivers, with their bridges.

When we got to the top end I looked back and could just see England out on the horizon.

More bridges and streams.

I think Joe explored every inch of the place.
Always we stayed on the foot paths.

Well, most of the time! Some times some one had to act his shoe size though!! LOL

You have to admit, it does look like fun. I remember sledging down the damn on a plastic sack!
Joe slid down on his belly. His clothes are in the washing machine as I type.

From the damn we walked down the access road and crossed a busy road and into Ballure Walk.

Then we crossed the electric tram lines.

Where we came in to a garden, which sits atop some cliffs.

We looked out over the sea and planned another walk out to that head land over there.

The path through the garden leads down through a pretty glen and across a small river.

Underneath the arches.
And tide permitting..............
Out onto the beach.

We had a little time to waste if we wanted to let the tide go down and allow us to walk back to town along the beach, so we turned south, where the kids found a cave.
We walked until we ran out of beach.

Then headed home across the drying sands.
Phew, I'm exhausted, time for a cuppa.
Of course all of this means I didn't knit or sew a single stitch all day.
Maybe later.
1) Beautiful countryside
2) Beautiful coast lines
3) Beautiful weather.

Friday, 27 March 2009

A New Toy, and some sewing!

Do you remember the Dragon Quilt? Well I finally got around to making a matching pillow slip. Nothing fancy, just a simple slip cover,

using just two fabrics.

Now there are only scraps of the dragon fabric remaining, we finally used it up.
I have to say I am not impressed with the photography of the pillow case. I have a new camera. I asked Hunney to get me something smaller, more easily portable, for when I'm out walking, or indeed, just something to slip into my hand bag. Just in case you didn't guess the blue one is the new one! I'll have to play with the settings though, and see if I can improve the picture quality.
I took my new camera out for a walk yesterday, I was headed for the beach, but soon changed my mind. LOL
Instead I just wandered around the harbour side and into the shopping street. The pictures I took were disappointing, so I binned them.
Once I was back from my walk, I did some more knitting. I finished off a baby cardigan and got started on a larger knitted waist coat. I'm using the same yarn I used for my own jacket. It's a gift, for a friend. I'll post a pic soon, it looks like being a quick knit.
1) Sunshine.
2) Quick knits
3) A new toy.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Did I say Sunshine?

Did I say walk? I really should know better!
I did get out into the street in between showers. I had to go and visit Carlo and collect my angel. Her name is Hope and Glory, I stitched her way back in 1996 I think. I had framed her myself and she was looking more than a bit ratty, so I took her along to Carlo my friendly framer.
I'm sorry it's not a better picture, I took several and this was the best of a bad lot. In real life it looks as though you can reach out and play with the folds in her dress. I find her very peaceful and serene.
Hunney is very fond of her too, she was pretty much the first thing he saw when he first walked into my home. As he walked in through the door she was facing him from the wall, he says he was amazed and blown away when he looked closely and realised that she is made up of 1000s of tiny stitches.
She is back home with us now where she belongs.
So with lousy weather I didn't get much of a walk, instead I hopped onto the rowing machine and rowed my way across the sitting room before getting out my French Roses. I've cut all of the two largest size petals and all the leaves, oh, and the leaves are also pinned onto the blocks.

It was at this point I realised that I don't have the correct colour thread! So I'll be off out again today. Yes, I'll be dodging the rain drops again. I think the April showers got here early!
So what is in store for today? Maybe some more work on French Roses. A walk, or a paddle around the sitting room, depending on the weather. My knitting fingers are still itching, and so are my stitchy fingers, maybe I'll dig out one of my BOMs, I'm only 2 months behind on ALL of them! LOL
I'm off to play.
1) Professional framers.
2) More days off.
3) A quick and easy dinner tonight.