Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year.

Better late than not at all. You'll forgive me for not popping in yesterday, but I only woke up in time to get a shower and food before I started my shift at work! The party was that good and we were that late getting home.
I have no stitchy pictures to show, not much stitching been going on here to be honest. I've been busy on the Wii, trying not to overdo it, but also trying to learn new exercises and routines. I have to say it's good fun, much better that paddling about on the rowing machine. It's taking me about 90 mins to get in 60 mins of exercise because of all the swapping about, but I'l get used to it. Tony and Joe are having fun too, with the Fit program and the games.
I can't have a post without images, so due to requests, I'll put up some more images from our trip to NZ. This is the bottom end of a glacier, we passed a few small areas of glacier on our way through to Milford Sound.
On the road from Gore to Te Anau we spotted this Hobbit hole! That was a bit of fun we didn't expect.
There were some amazing sights as we drove along the Southern Scenic Route.
We went through some ancient looking and feeling forest as well as seeing these beautiful coastal views.
And of course as well as beautiful places, there are some beautiful people. I love them all.
Even the ones who pull faces. ((Hugs to Laura, Katherine, Ashley, Courtney, Alex and Brooke))
I hope you enjoyed having another look at our trip to NZ, I'll try to find time for my needles soon I promise.

Take care


Janice said...

Weren't you freezing, standing on that glacier in short sleeves?

Allie said...

Lovely pics - the hobbit hole is my fave! Well, it's a toss-up with the darling girl, even if she is pulling a face, lol.

Ali Honey said...

Lovely photos. I have been there and have very similar shots. Like us you obviously saw it on a beautiful clear day. wonderful unspoilt NZ scenery.

Lynda said...

Lovely to see summer pictures instead of the frosty ones outside!

Tazzie said...

Happy New Year hon, isn't it lovely to have a fresh new year stretched out ahead of us - filled with possibilities? It's going to be a great one.