Tuesday, 19 January 2010

More goodies arrived in the mail.

I was beginning to think I was having a love affair with Fig Tree Quilts. But that can't be right! I'm not a fan of the latest range, 'Whimsey'. I am however completely in love with just about everything else they have produced. So much sew, (Pun intended) that I've been shopping around trying to buy pieces from old collections. These six half meter pieces are from the Folklorique collection, and if I find more I'll be buying it! Especially at sale prices!
I was bitterly disappointed to find that I had missed out on buying the whole fat quarter collection of Mill House Inn, from my usual source and had to settle for this Jelly Roll and a layer cake from alternative sources.
I'm already on the list to be notified when the new fabric range 'Fresh Cottons' becomes available, I want to be sure I don't miss out on that.
Do you think I'm becoming obsessive?
All of that aside, there were two huge holes in my day off today, I had one of those crappy nights and only managed to get to sleep for more than a thirty minute stretch after 6.30am, so didn't get up until after 10! Then this afternoon I had to attend a staff meeting at work. I was too lethargic to play on Wii, and I spent what was left of the morning procrastinating, then I spent a little time sewing, before heading into work. Evidence of that may appear tomorrow! Having indulged in red meat and red wine for dinner I don't think I'll be sewing this evening!


Janice said...

I wonder what you will be making with those little goodies.

Miss 376 said...

There must be something in the air, I've had two sleepless nights on the trot, really ruins the day. Hope you have a better night tonight

black bear cabin said...

a case of the winter blahs perhaps? i always shop for colorful fabric in the winter...it brightens my day and cheers me up :)
a little red meat and red wine once in a while is good for you ;) take the night off!

Rose Marie said...

.... and how big is your stash these days? It wasn't too long ago that you started quilting with hardly any fabric and now you are on a 'notify me' list. Lovely fabrics and am looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

Lynda said...

Obsessive? A quilter? Absolutely not!

Dresden Quilter said...

No, you are not obsessive. You are a quilter. http://www.crafttownfabrics.net is having a sale on their Mill House Inn fat quarter bundle.