Friday, 9 July 2010


It's boring having no camera! I had a lovely day out on Monday with Mum and Kay. We visited some beautiful gardens, but Kay forgot her camera, and ours is broken. Sadly the few pictures I attempted with my phone were poor, so I haven't saved them. I have another update too, you know all my hair? My waist length waves and curls? (It grew a lot after this pic was taken.)
Most of it is gone! I went to a salon on Tuesday and asked for it all to be chopped off! The stylist didn't go as short as I had intended, but I love it anyway. From start to finish took over an hour. Just as soon as we get a new camera I'll post a pic.
I'm still knitting, lots of smaller projects, I'll get pics of those soon too.
Domestic day today!


quiltygal said...

Congratulations on having courage to do the chop!! I've never been there but I know it takes a lot to do it ( I was a hairdresser for 16 yrs so have been on the other side)..I've actually grown mine a bit on top thought I should have a mother of the bride hairdo for sept !! :)

Jenny said...

Come on girl, lets see an 'after' pic too!

Janice said...

Isn't it amazing how we have come to rely on technology and miss it when it is not available.
I can't wait to see your new "Do". I bet it feels funny when you wash it. Have you had it short before?

AnnieO said...

Oh, now I feel gypped because there's no pics. Hmph.

I once went from waist length hair to chin length. It was winter and my neck was pretty cold for awhile!