Sunday, 4 July 2010

Little pretties

I've finished the knitting I was showing off recently. It will hopefully be all parcelled up and mailed on Tuesday. I'm still in knitting mode, so I pulled out some cotton yarn and started knitting little wash cloths. I thought they may be nice for our friends baby, but I think I'll look for a softer yarn and keep these ones for adults.
I love this pretty flower shape and may play about with the pattern to see if I can make it a little bigger, it would make lovely place mats.
Ducky was a must! Isn't it adorable?
Our camera is broken. Hunney can't fix it. It's served us for 5-6 years and seen a lot of use. For now I'm using my phone to take pictures. That's ok for little cloths but we'll need to replace the camera soon.
I also had Hunney take a look at the laptop. It really was acting very strange. He ended up reformatting. He's not sure if the video card is on it's way out or if it was a Microsoft update which caused the problem. We'll see how things go. This laptop is still new, the video card shouldn't be on it's way out yet!!
I'm off to knit another wash cloth.


Janice said...

I love your circular wash cloth. Did you use a circular needle for that one?
By the way, don't talk to me about computers! We are still waiting for our wireless modem to be fixed/replaced after a month of waiting (and of course still having to pay our monthly fee) and after replacing the hard drive on my desktop, the screen died. The only positive is that I now have a HUGE screen to replace it. I hope you have yours all sorted out soon and find a new camera. At least the prices have come way down in the last few years.

Shiree said...

oh some lovey goodies, well done! My lappie is having a bit of a hissie fit too...

Miss 376 said...

I thought the round one was perfect for a placemat too, very pretty

Stephanie said...

Very pretty wash cloths. Electronic problems are quite a pain!

AnnieO said...

I like the cloths--so cute with the ducky! Sorry to hear about your camera but seems you might have gotten your money's worth out of it. Electronic things are capable of doing hellish things and all you can do is scratch your head, right?

QuiltSue said...

Your circular cloth is great.

As for computers, sometimes MS updates can cause chaos can't they? Just to cheer you up a bit, I had to buy a new laptop about a month ago when my previous one gave up on me, it was only 15 months old, so out of guearantee. I was NOT a happy bunny and will never buy another one from that brand again.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Sorry to hear your job is getting you down - I have just been told that the woman who replaced me at the Horrible Job I Ran Away From has already left, having only lasted 11 weeks.

Keep up the creativity!