Thursday, 4 November 2010

Catching up.

I had a gentle return to work with a late shift on Monday and a day off on Tuesday so I could attend an appointment, then a day in the office yesterday. In spite of over 60 emails awaiting my attention and a few items of old fashioned Royal Mail it was a good day and I feel as though I got loads done. So today is my day off and I have plans.
I made pastry on Monday morning and it's been sat in the fridge waiting for me. I plan to use it up today by making more lunch box pies. We didn't eat all of the last lot yet, but no harm in stocking up. It's a cold wet miserable day, so a good day to have the oven on. I also plan to make a lamb and bean hotpot for dinner, that needs to sit in the oven for a good while too, so I plan to stay in the kitchen /dining room most of the day. I have Kays quilt with me and I'll be closing the binding on that and adding it's label. If I manage to get through all of that I'll get on with a few more rows of my rippling blanket (2)
I've played about a bit with the row count, on the previous version I changed yarn colour every 12 rows, this time I'm making more of a pattern, I think I like this one. As I think I said in an earlier post this version is also wider than the last one and I plan to make it longer too. I could easily make a habit of knitting a blanket to snuggle under during the winter. Although it's still only 14 inches long, it's very cosy already. :-)
Sleeves up, pastry here I come.


Miss 376 said...

Enjoy yourself, I've just turned the oven off. Nice smell of fresh bread now

Tracey said...

it is a damp dull day here too, good idea to do baking on a day like this,