Tuesday 2 November 2010

Back to work today.

My two weeks of Annual Leave come to an end today. Even though I achieved a lot and was busy almost every day, I do feel rested and enjoyed my time off. So much so in fact that I wish I'd won the lottery and didn't have to go back to work! Don't we all have a similar wish? So this morning I made Monday pies with the left overs from our Roast dinner then headed up into my cosy nest to play. I've prepared a bunch of pretty Christmas ornaments made with more leftovers!
I sorted some ribbon to use and hunted through the button tin for buttons to use as tree trunks. I also decided to have a go at some round ornaments this time.
Hmm, not perfectly round, but they'll do me. :-) That's me all set for an evening with my Hunney in front of the TV. :-)
My Monday pie smells so good I'm off to eat it now. Then relax for a while before going into work for 3pm.


Cardygirl said...

Oh no...holiday end. It is horrible to go back to work, but think of the fabric it funds...LOL! Hope you have a good shift...your ornaments are sweet.

QuiltSue said...

Your ornaments look great, and Cardygirl has just made exactly the point I was going to about the salary equals fabric (and wool).

Lynda said...

It's amazing how you can be really busy during a holiday, but feel refreshed by the business! I think it's to do with the fact that you do what you like, and you can pace yourself. Glad it was a fruitful time off.