Friday, 9 September 2011

A few snippets.

Well all the fixits, repairs and alterations are done, bar one. Just one pair of trousers left. I need to shorten them for my mum. I had to laugh at some of your responses to my last post. And I quite agree with all of them. I keep telling folks that I enjoy creative sewing, making pretty things, but they just don't listen. Being asked to do all the repairs is right down there with hearing the words, "I've got some fabric you should have"!
Anyway, enough of that and on with the good stuff. The boring sewing wasn't the only thing I got rid of on Tuesday. I've been dithering about getting my hair cut for a while now. I booked an appointment this time last year, but the stylist talked me out of what I wanted and into well something just a little shorter than this first photo. Anyone who has met me in the last 6 years or so has seen me either like this, or with a pony tail.

 Well on Tuesday a lovely stylist called Heather did this for me. :-)
And I love it.  I've had my hair cut short like this before, more than once.
These are not the greatest pictures, it's kind of overcast and I'm home alone wrestling with a camera at arms length.
 But you get the general idea?
My Hunney Tony loves it too, he says it reminds him of when we first met, it was as short as this then. Heather kept my long pony tail, one of the other stylists knows of a charity which makes wigs for children who have cancer and have lost their hair. I do hope they can use it. It took Heather an hour to get what was left into shape. One of the other girls swept the floor several times as all the trimmings just from my head made it very slippery. I'll definitely be going back to Heather regularly and allowing her to maintain this cut.
Another day off today, I'm really not sure if I like my days off split like this, but I'll just get on with it! I've got a busy morning, and I'm meeting a friend for lunch, but after that, my time is my own. I feel a little more time up in my den is in order. The repairs etc may have gone, but there is still some tidying to do and I really need to get a couple of finishes under my belt, before I make a start on a very special Christmas gift.


Miss 376 said...

Great hair cut and what a fantastic use for your pony tail, I bet your head feels a lot lighter now.

Janice said...

Wow! Now that is drastic. I love it. It must feel so funny in the shower.

AnnieO said...

I'm sure you feel you have much more free time now that that heavy hair is gone! I once went from waist length to chin length but you're very brave taking it so short. I know I couldn't pull that off :) Enjoy your extra time!

Jenny said...

Just think about how quickly your new look hairdo will dry now. And how wonderful to find such a wonderful use for your pony tail.

QuiltSue said...

Wowwee, are you sure that's you? It looks great, and so different.

Chookyblue...... said...

wow the new you........looks great...