Thursday, 1 December 2011

Play time

I can't get over how much I actually managed to get done yesterday! I made a table runner for mum. It just needs it's binding closed. I've gotten it pinned.
 I then tipped out an old laundry basket that lives in the corner, it was full of off cuts of fleece and batting, so that's all tidy now and I have a few pieces all set for next time I want to make place mats, or other smaller items, a bag of smaller bits that can be used as stuffing and an empty basket waiting for the next collection of stuff.
While I was having a tidy up in project corner I came across a Fig Tree project, you know I can't resist those fabric collections!! This is my take on Moda Bake Shops Charming Hearts.First I cut a bunch of white charm squares then played about a little with two charm packs.
Then I appliqued some hearts cut from left over charms.  Once I had those complete I spread them all out on the floor to play about with the layout, then wondered if I might need to make a few more, to make it a little bigger, as it didn't seem all that large. and that was before I sewed all the blocks together, although I didn't add the border yet either....... But I do like to have plenty of quilt hanging over the sides of the bed, that means there is plenty left if someone gets greedy in the night.
Maybe a wider border, or a third round of border?
I resolved to think about that for a while and tidied everything away. While I was in clean up mood I had a good sort out in my other project boxes, my table and my desk.
Seeing as my Hunney still wasn't due home for another hour I then got stuck into one of the chests of drawers. Not the nice one, where all my Fig Tree fabrics live along with other new fabrics, nooooooo, the other one, where the 'other' fabrics live.  It holds my collection of reclaimed cottons, usually chopped from old clothing etc. There was also quite a lot of curtain samples, I thinned those out a bit and there was a collection of
 "Oh, you sew, I have some fabric you might like"
 stuff. The majority of that is gone. I gave it to the charity shop earlier today. 
My button collection had outgrown it's tin, so the whole lot was tipped into a larger tin, from it's various corners. The ribbon collection was untangled and also went into a new tin. Books and magazines have been put away and well, it feels like a different room! :-)
Now I'm off to play in my nice tidy room.


Janice said...

Do you want to visit my house? It would certainly keep you busy tidying. I bet you feel so much more productive now you have a tidy area.

AnnieO said...

Pretty blocks! I need to have a clean up too--except my stuff is in three rooms since my sewing room turned back into a bedroom. Sigh. Have a great time playing in your neatened and sorted room!

Shirley Goodwin said...

You've been busy! I'm making quilts from recycled flannel, just washing the 2nd one now - it's for a friend who has had a rather hard time lately.

Lynda said...

Isn't tidying up lovely when you're in the mood? I think I need to take a lead from you and do the same!