Saturday, 10 December 2011

SSCS Ornaments.

My partner Claire has received her package so I can show her ornaments.
 Not a very good picture of these little sequined balls. They're very pretty and shiny with hundreds of sequins, beads and pins. The kits to make these and much much more are available here.

I also set to and stitched this wall hanger. 
Merry Christmas Claire, Chooky and to all who took part in the SSCS 2011. I hope you had as much fun as I did and you get some wonderful surprises on Christmas day.
It's my sons birthday today. He made it all the way to the grand old age of 16!
Happy Birthday Son.
That means it's also time to put some decorations up. I dug it all out last week so that I could put the calender up. Now for the rest of it.


Mad about Craft said...

And you've nt killed him yet! He must be marvelous!

There again mine has made it to 21 and I've not killed him yet either!

Chookyblue...... said...

what a gorgeous ornament......glad you're enjoying the SSCS.......

quiltygal said...

Thankyou once again for the lovely pressies I'm hoping to get the tree up now the kitchen stuff is all if we don't speak again before Xmas hope you & the family have a lovely Festive season & a Happy Healthy 2012 xxxx

Lynda said...

Beautiful decorations with a lovely memory of giving attached to them!

sewkalico said...

Merry Christmas! Great wallhanging and ornaments (and Happy Birthday to your son!)