Tuesday, 27 March 2012

All work and no play.....

I think I finally managed to shake off that virus.  I was still able to go to work and do my job, but it left me with very little energy for anything else. I very slowly added a couple of rows to my crochet blanket and managed to finish a hat for DS Joe. Just when the weather gets even warmer! I also spent some time resting, lounging about doing nothing. How decadent, it was wonderful.
While out doing chores in town I spied a treasure in a local used items shop and had to go peep. This beautiful wooden bed frame looked terribly neglected. The head board looked like it had been sat under a leaky roof.
 The foot end had obviously been sat against a wall, one side was weathered badly.
 The whole thing needed a good wash and several coats of wax. I fell in love with it and paid up there and then!! My lovely Mister liked it instantly too and has helped me with the restoration.
 Only one problem......
Our previous wooden framed bed didn't have a tall foot board and most of my quilts are made to fall off the end of the bed. Shame, I'll have to make some more!  ROTFL
Speaking of quilts, my charming hearts is lying neglected while I decide if I should un quilt my last effort or carry on regardless. I blame myself for buying that awful polyester! I'll never buy it again. 

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Kris said...

Glad you are feeling a little better. What a great buy the bed was! It's just lovely.