Monday, 12 March 2012

Slow progress

Here's a peep at the colours I'm using for my crochet blanket. I'm a sucker for blue and white. :-)
As the post title suggests, this one is going to be a long term project.
The foundation chain was 300 stitches, that means 100 of those (UK) triple clusters, which means about an hour per row, or two hours per colour!! 
Oh! And I need to go shopping, I did buy plenty of this yarn, but didn't realise what I would be making when I made the original purchase. Hehehe.
No hooky fun for me today, I'm off to play with my sewing machine.


Tazzie said...

Ohhh, this looks like lots of fun - I'll enjoy seeing your progress!

Anonymous said...


your blanket is looking great!

Diane-crewe said...

nothing wrong with a slow and sure long term project xx

Janice said...

You might be working with it on your lap next winter.....I do like the colours.