Thursday, 5 April 2012

Work, work, work.

I really do need a few days off! My shift pattern at the moment is crap!! 'Scuse my language but it is. Nor is it helped by the fact that I swapped a few shifts, supposedly for my own benefit as well as for others. Never mind, after todays late shift I have 5 days off over the holiday weekend. 5 Whole days of R&R with my Hunney.
My crafting didn't totally stop. I've still been beavering away with my yarn crafts. My crochet has grown a little. I might do an hour on that later if I get all my chores done.
 I've finished the back of my cardigan and now I'm on my way up the left front.
 And in case you didn't guess from my last post, I've un quilted some of the quilting in my charming hearts quilt.
All of these images were brought to you by my new phone. My old phone had developed issues, so Hunney talked me out of my usual trusty Nokia and into a Sony Experia Ray. I had to try out the camera and catch up with the rest of the world, before getting on with less than fun stuff today.


Diane-crewe said...

enjoy your time of xx

Lynda said...

Un quilting is the pits, but worth it in the end. I unquilted about a quarter of a quilt (it took me weeks!) but I was so gald I had done it in the end. Have a good Easter!

AnnieO said...

Glad your crafting hasn't stopped despite a heavy work schedule. Hope there is sunshine for you to sit in over the holiday!