Saturday, 21 July 2012

I must confess

To a certain amount of procrastination. It's not only life and work that are getting in the way of my craft! My own  lack of self belief is also playing a big part too. You see I have finished all of the straight line quilting. It looks pretty effective, I think.
Here's how the back looks.
 And the front.
 There are a few wobbles here and there, but not one single tuck or fold, front or back. :-)
So what is the problem you ask?
A Kiwiana quilt deserves, nay, demands Ferns! 
The first one is drawn and ready, now I'm procrastinating...............


QuiltSue said...

Go for it, you can do it. I'm good at procrastination too, and I always find that when I actually get on with whatever it is, I end up wondering why I was putting it off in the first place.

AnnieO said...

Sometimes just getting that first stitch in is the hardest! I practice a bit on a separate swatch, but often end up ripping out my first try on the "real" quilt, no matter if it is a small or large design, before going at it again. I'm sure you can gather your courage and give it a go!

Ali Honey said...

I'm with you! I know that feeling....but you have to try....make sure the stitch is long enough if you have to you know what...and go for it!