Thursday, 30 August 2012


I finished putting my zig zag blocks together today. I can't decide if I want to add a border or not. In real life hanging at the top of the stair, it looks finished and ready to quilt and bind. But seeing it here in this photo, it looks incomplete.
It can hang for a day or two, while I contemplate.
Onto the big blue crochet monster..... I started to add borders last night, got about half way around, with the first round.


AnnieO said...

Love your zig zag! The colors are lovely. Me, I like quilts with no borders, but obviously it is saying something else to you :) Either way, it is sure to be a winner.

Sinta Renee said...

I love the way your zig zag quilt turned out. I think just a binding would be a nice finish... it looks complete the way it is. The background color is beautiful too!

* said...

What a pretty quilt. I have a theory that if you like it like it is, it is finished. I made one quilt without borders and really liked it.