Sunday, 26 August 2012

Festival Memories.

I can't have a blog post without pictures, so amid my ramblings I've included some images from the Festival of Quilts at Birmingham. I do have details for these, if anyone wishes to know more about them besides how good they look, just comment and ask. :-)
 I've had a week off work, so has Tony, we've been busy doing things together. Last weekend was my baby sisters wedding, just outside London. She had a beautiful day, wall to wall sunshine and 30 degree heat. We Manxies are just not used to that sort of temperature.
Having Tony off work has been fun, we've been out for dinner a couple of times this week. Firstly to the local Italian restaurant and last night to an Indian restaurant. 
 If the weather had been a little better we would have done plenty of walking, but alas, only a couple of short walks. We did however get plenty of swims. Now I love swimming and can plod up and down the pool for hours. Tony on the other hand gets bored after 45 mins. LOL So ends up sitting on the side waiting for me.
 I've done some baking and plenty of jam making. My freezer is full of goodies and I have a good stash of preserves. I think my brother has probably eaten all of his share already. I have suggested he make his own, but as he says, he just begs and pleads at either me or mum and he gets!
 The house got a good clean up. Tony even vacuumed the stairs for me yesterday. A job I avoid as I end up with a very bad back!
 In the evenings I've been busy with my hook putting more rows onto my crochet monster. I think another 15 - 20 hours and it should be ready for the border rounds. :-)
 In fact I'm so convinced I've already pulled yarn from my stash and topped it up with new purchases in preparation for my next crochet project. Yep! Another biggie. Lots more colours involved this time though.
I haven't done much with my latest quilt though, having completed only a few more blocks. I have been plotting it's quilting design though. Back to basics with some straight lines! LOL
 I saw this one and thought of Chookyblue.
 This fortnight the island is buzzing with extra motor bikes again as it is Grand Prix week. The lesser known cousin of TT week. There are more classic bikes here and the races are often used as a proving ground for the TT.  It was through their visit to the island for the bikes that I met Janice and her husband Mick. They will be back here this time next year to see the Grand Prix races. Hopefully Tony and I will still be here.
 We're still waiting and stuck in limbo. We know the branch will be closing and Tony will be made redundant, we just don't know when. The first few people have already been laid off! Some people have decided not to wait and have found other jobs and left already. Being in IT has advantages, they have to be there to the very end, but when will that be? Apparently not later than 31st December 2013. But it could be sooner.............
 Well, it's a dry day, so we're off for a walk. Better make the most of it as the forecast says wall to wall rain tomorrow!!
Although we have been incredibly busy, we both agree that we feel very relaxed and had a great week off. 
I do hope you enjoyed my memories of the festival. As I said at the top, if you want more info, just ask.


Chookyblue...... said...

love the chook quilt.....thanks for thinking of me.........thanks for sharing all the other pics too.....beautiful.......

Ali Honey said...

Lovely quilts! 4 of those quilts/ hangings I really like.
wishing you both a happy time off work....and glad there is some Summer temps.

Janice said...

Gorgeous quilts. I do hope you are still there this time next year.

AnnieO said...

Lovely and fascinating quilts! So much variety--love that about every quilt show. How nice to have enjoyed loads of family and hubby time.