Monday, 24 September 2012

Still here.

Thought I should look in and say hello. I've been very busy recently. Most importantly, I've made a start on my SSCS gift. LOL Couldn't resist including the obligatory teaser photo. 
 My course is going OK, I'm off to get on a plane later today for another day of face to face learning tomorrow. On Wednesday I have to give a micro teaching session. I'll be doing a 30 minute tutorial on how to help a wheelchair user who is choking. My new best friend over the weekend has been Charlie. I also get to watch some of my class mates present their micro teaching sessions. I believe we'll be working in small groups and get to have a half day off. 
 I've also made some progress on my latest crochet creation. Not a huge amount, well I have been busy. There is quite a long way to go on this one, but I don't see it taking as long as the blue stripes did.
Right I'm off to bake cakes. :-)


Loopylou said...

It makes a change to see the granny squares interspersed with the rows of crochet, very nice

Lynda said...

Charlie looks a bit scarey, but your crochet is coming along nicely! (Just remember, it's not race!)

Lorraine said...

I hope you managed to save Charlie! your new project is taking shape....I didn't sign up for Chooky's swap this year...too much on in the weeks leading up to the posting deadline...but will enjoy seeing what everyone sends/receives.