Thursday, 18 October 2012

We're off.

Tony and I are off on our travels again. Just a long weekend this time. I can't go empty handed though, you know me, I have to take something crafty along. I know I dragged the blue monster all over Europe earlier this year, but I decided that this beauty is too big to go with me. With so many different colours I'd have half a case of yarn.
So I've  prepared a new smaller project to take along. I had a poke about in my stash of yarn leftovers and came up with these neutrals, quite different to my other project.
I've even made a start.... :-)
 And it all fits very nicely into a much smaller bag. Which I can't resist showing off. Isn't it great? I brought this home from NZ last time we were there.
Tony raised an eyebrow. He pointed out that I don't really do small and wondered if I was going to be satisfied with such a small project?
See you in a few days. 


Cath said...

Have a great time . Just because you start a small project , doesn't mean it has to stay small , does it ? LOL

Janice said...

Have a wonderful time on your break. Let's see how much crochet you get done.

AnnieO said...

Enjoy your free time! I agree, just because you start small doesn't mean it is the goal!