Friday, 26 April 2013

Another new start.

Well I was making Hexies, but I got fed up with them and really couldn't settle. I think because each round was a different stitch and I couldn't get into a nice rhythm. There is also my difficulty in deciding which colour to use next and where it will be placed in relation to others....I may come back to it at some point and finish it into a crib size blanket, but for now it's lying neglected......
 Because I have a new start. Back to my limited colour palette, which I'm very much more comfortable with and the gentle rhythm of the good old granny. :-)  I'll plod along with this for a while, I really am enjoying it.
I did come across my cross stitch while hunting for something else to do, and it called to me, but alas essential items like my work stand and my magnifier are buried.  The family are coming next weekend to sort through some of mums belongings and make decisions on their fate, so maybe after that I'll be able to get at my lamp and do a little cross stitch. That may be a relief, it's getting warmer here each week and soon it will be too hot for sitting under this blanket.
I seem to have a very busy social calender at the moment, who knew that being out of work could be so hectic. I'm double booked this evening, it's a friends birthday and he's hoping we can join him for drinks in town, but I also invited other friends around for dinner! (The dessert I made yesterday, it needed to chill overnight. The chicken is in the slow cooker and a simple salad starter I can throw together as they walk through the door. )  Tomorrow I'm meeting up with the Ravelry and facebook groups Manx Yarnies, there is a get together here in town. That should be fun. We're out for dinner on Sunday night, an Indian buffet with an old colleague. Phew! Next weekend promises to be just as busy. 
Till next time.


Gillie said...

What a whirl of activity! Have fun and hope you come back to the hexies one day!

Janice said...

Hi Lou

We've just got back from hols and catching up on reading blogs. You've been busy with your crochet hook. I agree that sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. I'm glad you are having such a busy social life. They say that of retired people as well, how did they find time to go to work. Enjoy catching up with all your friends.

Lorraine said...

Sounds like you are haing fun! Enjoy! Nice to have a project that is easy and uncomplicated to work on....I guess you are looking forward to some warmer weather.