Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Great British Granny......

Well this has doubled in size since last you saw it. I have to say, I'm really enjoying the gentle rhythm of this one, it's very user friendly after the hexies. I took some of the yarn along with me to a Local Ravelry meeting. There were only five of us, but that was plenty. While we chatted I hooked together one and a half squares.
It was nice to meet up with others and see what they were up to. One lady was knitting socks, another was inventing a duck!! A third had brought several items and did a mini show and tell. The last lady is a novice, she didn't bring anything along, but enjoyed seeing what we were doing and had a quick impromptu lesson on Granny Squares! We're going to try to meet regularly. 
The Indian Banquet was very nice. With six different dishes on offer. Ranging from the sweet and tasty to the hot and fiery. We had a lovely evening. 
We also had fun the evening I cooked for friends, the Italian meal I prepared was lovely I was told I could make that again! Especially the cheese cake. LOL
Today I'm meeting up with my Brother and his wife during their lunch hour, my Tony is coming along too, we're off to the Caff for lunch. Later this week We're off out for dinner again, one of Tony's colleagues is paying as a thank you for a few hours of IT know how a couple of weeks ago. Tony never accepts cash payment when he helps out like that. Sometimes he comes home with tins of chocolates or bottles of wine. This is the first time we have been taken out for dinner as a thank you. Very nice.
Sunday will be a busy day, we have the annual Legion boat race. It's a charity event held to raise money for the local branch of the Royal British Legion. This year my Tony will be crew in one of the boats.That should be fun. I may throw a casserole in the slow cooker rather than try to cook a roast that day.
Phew, all the things I missed out on working full time shifts!
Dear son Jiffy has been working hard, while the weather is settled, there is lots of fishing. Problem is that means very little time ashore, he did squeeze in time for a visit last night when he presented me with a bag of laundry, thanks son, I love you too. 
Good thing it's a nice day, I'm off to peg, peg, peg.


Janice said...

You're busy, busy, busy. Now how did you find time to go to work?

QuiltSue said...

I love the colours you're using for the squares.

Lynda said...

How can people say they're bored, when there is so much to do out there? Enjoy.