Thursday, 4 April 2013

Little dogs know.

There are some things a little dog knows. She was so funny and so cute the other day. She knew that the little box contained treats and she was itching to get at them. She inched her head as far onto the table as she dared.
 She ran around from one side to the other, I guess trying to get closer to the box. Every so often she would come to one of us and offer up her paw, that's Please in Ailsa language.
LOL Yes, she got treats. Lots of them.
I'm going to call this one finished. It's a nice size for snuggling on the sofa. I think I'm going to give it to DS Jiffy, he's just moved into his own place.
That of course means a new start! :-)
Not sure what at the moment though. I see a day of playing with yarns, leafing through books and browsing Ravelry. 


Mad about Craft said...

It's very strange having a dog named after me, my name isn't that usual so I keep thinking you are talking about me!

She is very cute though - just like me!!!

Lynda said...

The throw is fabulous - the colours really zing!

AnnieO said...

Beautiful throw!