Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Slow progress.

Things are moving along slowly here. I have continued to make little hexagons and have quite a bundle of them now, so I couldn't resist putting a few together to see how they would look. I'm rather pleased with how they are turning out. 
 I couldn't resist getting the camera out the other day when I caught this pair sat on the stair. Jiffy and Ailsa are great friends. She knows that he will always make time to have fun with her and take her for long walks and sometimes even a swim. Sadly she will be going to her new home soon, so we're making the most of the time we have with this wonderful, beautiful little friend. 
Tony and I did consider taking her with us to NZ, but that wasn't what Mum wanted, besides neither of us was happy at the thought of her making the long journey and then having to go into quarantine. :-(  Always do as your Mother tells you right?

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