Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Another walk?

There isn't a huge amount of crafty things to show off here at the moment, so I'll take you on another walk. You seem to like those. I have to say I also enjoy seeing pictures of other places too. 
These were taken last week, when it was still blowing a hooley. I set out wandering over the bridge and around the harbour. Doesn't it look calm? My DS Joe has been working hard, he saved all his money and bought himself a little boat. He was out sailing in her over the weekend. 
My oldest son Jonathan (Jiffy) went with him. They are both competent seamen, having sailed for many hours with their Grandfather. 
And Jiffy works on the Ramsey Jak.  That little red fishing boat. The whole fleet was in the harbour the day I walked, as I said, it was blowing some. Look at those flags, all stretched out in the wind.
It looks so serene here, with the swans asleep on the sand bar. 
 But once I got around the corner and looked out to sea, oh boy!! The waves were rolling in, pushed hard by a northerly wind. It was cold too.
 I walked away from the harbour and along the prom. 
 I could see the mountain top again, though not quite as clear this time.
 Once I'd had enough of a battering by the wind I turned inland, cutting alongside the rugby pitch and into the park. In just a few days time, even this family park will be over run by bikers. 
 I dropped down off the road and took the foot path along side the lake. It was lovely to get out of the wind, see how calm the lake is?
 The daises and buttercups put on a pretty display. 
 I came across the groundsman at the other end of the lake, preparing to cut the grass, and the flowers.
This poor tree was taking a battering from the wind. There were many cones down underneath it.
 Once I left the park, there were workmen digging holes in my road home, but that's OK, my detour gets you another picture of the lake and the sea beyond. 


julieQ said...

I do enjoy your walks...wonderful!

Gari in AL said...

What a beautiful place to live, surrounded by water.

Janice said...

Just as well you told us it was cold, as it looks lovely from here. Thanks for taking us along. Good on Joe for buying a little boat. He'll have lots of fun with it. Also, it is nice to see Jiffy's boat. We'll have to keep an eye out for it when we are over there, if he isn't out to sea. The sea is definitely in their blood, unlike us landlubbers over here. As you said, the park will look quite different on Tuesday, and you won't even have to be working.

QuiltSue said...

It looks beautiful. The contrast between the two pictures of the sea, on where it was sheltered and one where it wasn't, was amazing - I could almost feel that cold wind blowing.