Friday, 24 May 2013

Did I promise more colour?

 I did didn't I? I'm sorry, I failed. I got a big basket of scraps out and started, then I ripped it out and started again on plan B. Then ripped it out, then started again...... By plan F enough was enough! I took it all upstairs again and came back down with blue! Plan G has formed though, and I may revisit the colourful use of scraps. Meanwhile, in the blue and white corner, I had a wonderful time.
These pretty little coasters are to be a gift for a pal, she doesn't even have a puter never mind a blog, so it's safe to show them off here. I love how these have turned out and will probably make more in the future.
 Staying with the blue theme. (I'm so much happier with a limited palette). I have made a start on another afghan. I noticed that some of the larger squares on the Great British Granny seemed to tilt and here it is happening again.  Off I went to Googleooogle it and came up here. :-)  I did wonder if that might be the cure. I intend to make this one very big. I have 4x400g balls of yarn to use up.
We have a very busy weekend ahead with functions every day/night, starting tonight! I'll try to remember to take the camera along and use it. 

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