Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I'm still here............

And still keeping myself fairly busy, as evidenced in this first picture, see it's laundry day!!  I wish the sun would shine and I could get it all out on the line though. Looking out through the windows I reckon the sun will be hard pressed to show herself today, so the bumble dryer it is!
 Enough with the domestics and on to the lovely stuff. My Great British Granny crochet throw is almost done. Phew! It really is very warm sitting under that little lot!! 100% pure new wool in Aran weight is not the thing to be under at this time of year, (Even if the sun is not shining). It looks a bit small here on our bed, but that's not it's intended use. This one is for snuggling on the sofa on cold evenings.  I plan just a few rounds of the good old granny around the whole thing, then I'll call it done.
I specifically called it the Great British Granny because all of the yarn used is from rare breeds of British sheep.The brown in the center of this block is Manx Loaghtan. Obviously the local breed here on the island.
 The other two yarns I used are from one breed, the Jacob. I love the cream and sadly no matter what I do, I just can't get a nice photo of the marl, which is in the canter of this panel.
 The sixteen larger Granny squares which make up the main body of the throw are all finished and joined as I went with the cream yarn. They are then surrounded by small alternating cream and marl squares which were joined as I went using the Loaghtan. I have enough of the yarns left to do a round each of marl then cream. 
If I'm really lucky I'll have enough of the three yarns left to whip up a matching cushion cover.
You know me, well I'm sure we're all the same, a finish means a start, no matter what else is simmering away elsewhere. LOL
I have two other crochet projects planned, neither one of which could be called small! I've also spent a lot of time lurking in some of the embroidery groups on flickr and my clicky finger made me buy a couple of books for embroidery inspiration............
My newly found social life continues to have me in a whirl. We seem to spend more time out than in at the weekends! Next weekend will be no different. On Sunday the local Royal Naval Association will commemorate The Battle of The Atlantic. There will be a wreath laying ceremony at the local cenotaph. Followed by the usual gathering known locally as rum Sunday!!  I think the sun barely reaches the yardarms before the bottles are opened. There are lots of visitors for the day, British Legion Groups and other Royal Naval groups from around the island, not to mention groups from Chester, Llandudno, and other places which are traditionally linked to the island by the sea.  Of course the visitors don't just come for the day, they are here for the whole weekend. As Tony is the Vice Chairman for the Naval Association, we have to join in with all of the social gatherings. 
Just thinking about that makes me tired, I think I'll make a cuppa and hook a couple of rounds on my granny.

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Janice said...

I love the way your rug is turning out. You've been very busy hooking away. The colours blend beautifully. I can see you spending many hours snuggled under it. Enjoy your busy weekend. Please share some pics. We look foward to seeing your new projects (once this one is finished).