Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wednesdays Walk.

Every time I start to feel a bit fed up or bored Janice suggests I should go for a walk, and take along my camera. :-) I can take a hint. 
It was a beautiful day yesterday and I seriously considered sitting out in the sun with my Kindle, I thought I could just read maybe one or two chapters, then come in, but I know me, half a book later and I would be wondering why I'm burning, our yard is pretty sheltered, but yesterday was a great laundry day, there was enough of a breeze in there to lead me astray. So on went the shoes and out for a walk it was. Not a huge walk really, a bit of a hike up the hill with the traffic, turn left along a quieter road and turn left again at the top of this hill. It doesn't look like it here, but going up this hill is a killer! I went down under the trees. It was very pretty with lots of birds singing.
 The bluebells and their white cousins like to grow in the shade under the trees, they are late this year due to the snow that was lying on the ground only a few short weeks ago.
 I tried very hard to capture the pretty green canopy over my head.
 At the bottom of the hill you go around a corner and this is the sight that greets you. The imaginatively named White bridge. It crosses the Sulby River.
 Down stream flows back to town and the harbour, it flows along side the Poyll Dooey Nature reserve, I've taken you in there before.
 Upstream the river goes inland to the village of Sulby. It is joined along the way by many other streams and beyond Sulby it has it's origins in the hills. (That's for another walk.)
Before you get that far though, just around the corner is the Isle of Man film studio. 
 And closer still are the ducks. They all came running toward me when I stopped, no doubt hoping for a hand out.
 Once over the river I stayed on the road  and walked under the trees again. I saw beds of wild garlic,
 which like the bluebells loves to grow in the shade of trees.
 I turned off the road onto a foot path and the first thing that greeted me was Forget me nots.
 They were growing amid the stinging nettles.
 Further along I saw these flowers, I only know them as snow in summer, you can see why.
 This foot path used to be a railway line, running from Ramsey to Peel, it's now mostly foot path, there are one or two areas that can no longer be accessed. Here it runs behind a housing estate and some of the home owners whose property backs onto it have taken to keeping their area tidy.
 Others don't. :-)
 You know it's a good day on the Isle of Man when you can clearly see the masts at the top of the mountain. Our one mountain is called Snaefell. You can take an electric tram ride to the top, there is a restaurant/cafe to buy refreshments the two masts have all manner of technology strapped to them. 
 TT week must be coming, there is new very grippy road surface laid all the way from Fairfield avenue to Parliament Square.
And the DoI (Department of Idiots er Infrastructure ) are still tinkering 10 days before the first road closures and practices.
I hope you enjoyed walking with me. I'll try to remember to take the camera along more often.


QuiltSue said...

What a lovely walk. Was it far?

Ali Honey said...

Thanks that was quite lovely. I needed a walk.

Janice said...

I'm pleased that you have taken us along for your morning walk. Everything is looking lovely and fresh. Mick and I so wish we were there with you. We might have to find that little walk along the river when we are there in ****3 months**** Can you believe that? Where has the last 2 years gone?

Lynda said...

It's amazing what youcan see when you really look! Thanks for that insight.