Sunday, 20 October 2013

Flora and Fauna of Gozo.

All of these pictures were taken in the gardens around our villa.
 Maltese wall lizards come in various shades of brown and green.
They can grow to about 25 centimeters long, but we didn't see any that big.
They scampered about during the day eating mosquitoes and ants and other small insects.
When the wall lizards went off to bed, the Maltese geckos came out to play. Every night there were two who clambered over the fly screen on the kitchen window. This guy is about 2 inches long. 
There were lots of palm trees and other greenery growing in the garden as well as some beautiful flowers.

This chap landed right in front of me. There were many dragonflies buzzing about, but they weren't very cooperative when I tried to take pictures. One chap I particularly remember was huge. His body was the size of one of my fingers and his wingspan was easily 4 inches.
 This big grass hopper hitched a ride all the way home from town sat on the bonnet of the car.
There were several species of butterfly fluttering by. They too were less than cooperative when I got the camera out. 
 We also saw some huge black bees. 
Shopping wise, I didn't really do much. We had bought lace last time we visited but this time, nothing really caught my eye.
I hope you enjoyed seeing Gozo through my eyes, well our Villa anyway!
I'm off to crochet for a while.


Diane-crewe said...

like the flowers ,... but you can keep the things that scuttle and creep and hop!! lol x nice to see some sun x

Janice said...

I think it is very unreasonable for the butterflies and dragonflies not to co-operate! They won't play for me either. I just love the markings on the butterfly that you did snap.