Thursday, 17 October 2013

Gozo, the accomodation

This is our second visit to Gozo, we were there exactly two years ago and  loved it so much, we vowed to return. We took my brother and his wife along with us this time.
We stayed in a very spacious 4 bedroom villa. I know we didn't need that much room, but Angie and I fell in love with the pool....
Up the steps behind the car, we were greeted by this shady and welcoming front door.
The 15 x 12 meter pool was beautiful. I spent a lot of time in there, keeping cool just swimming about. Angie joined me often, she enjoyed the spa area. 
The men folk just seemed to enjoy leaping in, making a big splash, then climbing out again!
The villa was sat in the middle of nowhere, our nearest neighbours were a long way off.
This picture really doesn't do much for the view we had from the verandah. We could look out over farmed fields to the Mediterranean sea.
The temperatures were as cool as 26 C in the early mornings. The warmest temperature we recorded was 31 C, but we are sure it got a little warmer than that!  With humidity in the region of 80%, it felt pretty hot to this manxgirl! 
More tomorrow.

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Janice said...

That pool and deep shade looks very inviting. It looks like a wonderful place to stay.