Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Home again.

 I must say, it's good to be home. We had a fantastic time during our tour of Eastern Europe but it was pretty full on! We were up and about every day, with only one later start. 09.15, so we got to lie in until 8am that day! LOL
Remember I had planned to take alomg a blue crochet project? Then changed my mind at the last moment and took something else. Well here it is.
 Pretty pretty colours. It's wider than I intended, so I'll have to find more yarn for it. The white isn't a problem, but the yellow and pink are leftovers and I'm not sure what or where from. Hmm. Never mind.
I got quite a bit done, before I did this.....

Look closely!
Here we're cruising on the Danube. We were welcomed aboard with a glass of fizzy wine. The food was wonderful and we sat with some newly made friends.
I'll bore you with more snaps of our wanderings in another post. His Lordship had the camera, he took 549 pictures! I'm sure I'll find something to share.
Three loads of washing are done, the weather is awful so most of it went into the bumble dryer. Now I just have the ironing to do.


Cath said...

Glad you had a good time . Hope your fingers are getting better .xxx

Jenny said...

I'm quite keen to do one of those European River Cruises, but It's a long way from here, of course. Don't know if the funds would allow it. Pleased you had a great time, but then, why would you not?
Yes, more photos please, and a little of what you have seen and enjoyed.

Janice said...

What have you done to yourself? That doesn't look good for crochet. It must have been lovely on the Danube.