Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Batik Christmas.

Hello everyone. Sorry I've not been around much. Life has been very, very busy here.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you are making the most of a few days of calm before new year.
We spent Christmas day with my brother and his wife. Andy cooked the main course, while I provided Chestnut soup and a rich indulgent creamy syllabub for dessert, served with citrus sponge.
Before we left the house we opened gifts here at home. My beloved spoiled me again.
I had cheekily forwarded to him, an email from the fat quarter shop, along with a very long wish list. LOL!
Tony very cleverly took the hint and selected three items from my wish list. Beautiful neutral batik strips.
And a pack of rich berry coloured fat quarters. I could just eat them. This photo does them no justice, the camera opted to use the flash as we have yet another dark day. (More about that later).
 Also from my FQS wish list he selected some charm packs, to make something Christmassy for next year!
What a love. :-)
Three packages arrived from Australia in the run up to the big day. I already showed off the pretty ornaments made by my pal Maxine. 
Janice sent a lovely quilt a month calender. 
 And in another package these three pretty little bags, aren't they beautiful, I love them! and you can never have too many cute little baggies!
Oh! And she tucked some Tim tam bars into one of them. YUM! I was in chocolate heaven.
 Speaking of bags, my beloved also gifted this beauty to me. 
It is just the right size for carting one of my sewing machines about. He seems to think that I may be joining some sewing/crafty clubs once we finally get to NZ. (More about that later too).
There is plenty of room in the bag for fabrics and tools etc as well as a sewing machine.
Sticking with the crafty theme, he took inspiration from another wish list  and splashed out on this beautiful kit. It has all the fabrics needed to make the top and bind 'Spring Sprouts'.
 Included in the kit along with all the yardage are the precut pieces for the appliqué flowers and sprouts.
Sorry about the flash.
Love the colours.
And they are all batiks. 
 Now the post title makes sense?
My Christmas stocking had some great wee goodies in it, best of all were two tiny beads.
I have two Chamilia bracelets. 
That sparkly blue/oil slick coloured bead is this years offering on this one.
The middle one on the red bracelet is new, tucked in between our initials.
It's called captured hearts. There are tiny red enamel hearts and also cut away hearts.
Try as I might, I cannot get a good photo of it.
My boys bought me some wonderful gifts too. I feel truly loved and spoiled.
My brother and his wife went all out and gave me a gift every hour on the hour for over 24 hours!!
Each and every gift had a Manx theme! There are tea towels, pictures, mugs, fridge magnets. LOL
And much, much more........
Like most of Britain, the weather has been truly awful. Although it was lashing down and blowing a hoolie, we once again got off lightly compared to some. The island did lose some trees and there were one or two pretty wet bits, we did not lose power, nor did we have the extensive flooding and damage that occurred across the water. I do hope their new year is better than their Christmas was. Some people had no power since Christmas eve and many saw their Christmas gifts floating around in flooded sitting rooms. :-(
Stay warm and dry everyone. 
I had an email last week from my case worker. She asked for more info.
I went rifling through my meagre stash of paperwork. (We are shredders!) I was amazed at the amount of stuff I found.
Old bank statements, tax stuff and some utility bills from 2007 - 2013!
The waiting game continues.......
The parties are not over yet!
We are off out again tonight. We are hosting a Christmas, New Year & Immigration party this evening.
BIG party night here in Ramsey. :-)
Not sure if I dare take the camera!?
Happy New Year to all.
just in case I don't get back here before then.

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Diane-crewe said...

so glad you were safe over Christmas .. and had such a good time xx .. hope all goes well with the forms etc .. my daughter went through the same going to Australia so I can sympathise with you xx JUST dont give up hope xx.. now get off to your party and have FUN xx