Saturday, 21 December 2013

Stitched Up!

Spring Geisha is coming along. This is now two days work.
I don't really like stitching upwards, in the words of Tree-beard, it feels like going uphill. LOL
So here I'm working my way as quickly as possible, to the top of the design, then I can comfortably work my way down again as I do the bulk of the stitching.
Yes I know, I could count my way to the top of the design and do the whole thing from the top, but having made more than one mistake doing things that way, I prefer to start in the middle as is traditional, then work my way up. 
Did I say that pretty flower is on her Obi? My bad! It's on the sleeve of her kimono.
That strange flesh coloured blob is her face, the spaces are her unstitched eyes. LOL
I didn't manage to do a single stitch yesterday, instead I was in town getting a last few gifts sorted.
Maybe later today I'll get a chance to stitch, I do hope so, looks like the weekend will be another busy one.
Two nights out and two parties! Not to mention all the baking I promised to do! Though Tony did say he would help with some of that. 
Grocery store, here I come.........

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Beatrice said...

about stitching upwards, have you ever tried turning your chart (and your fabric) upside down? That way, you stitch downwards from your starting point and once you reach the bottom (which is in fact the top) you turn your chart and your fabric the right way up and you can start stitching downwards again(I hope that makes sense)!