Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The next project

Yes I know I just started a new project, but seriously, it won't take me long to get it finished. I'm not showing a picture of it today because it's just a larger version of the creamy coloured blob in my last post! Honest, I'm still working with the exact same thread colour and I've stitched about a quarter of the chart! After complaining about all the confetti stitching and colour changing on Santa, now it would seem that I am at the other end of the scale! LOL
So, for my next stitch.
A design works kit, from a design by Joan Elliot.
Oriental Spring Beauty.
The sun is in full flow today and no matter what I try it's washing everything out!
He colours are much richer than this in real life. 
Speaking of colours, I've added a few grey hairs to my collection trying to sort the two mixed thread bundles. There are 30 colours/shades, many of which are not easy to tell apart.
 The kit makers tried to be helpful by adding the number of strands required, then forgot to mention that we need to cut them all in half, before we count!!
And they further confused matters by adding a little extra of each. I ended up with 8 - 9 sets of 4 strands of each shade still lying on the table. They were all in the green spectrum! 
I'm hoping that I have them correct, or if I haven't, I'm hoping that will become obvious when I start stitching with them.
I remember now why I went off working with kits and preferred to use charts and buy the threads separately. That said, this kit has been around for a while, and most producers these days offer pre sorted threads, or at least add clues like semi sorted itemised bundles!
It's a nice day so I'm off for a good long walk.

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Kaiy said...

how pretty she is. looks very fiddly ....

theres a parcel on its way. with cards to family ect.

must dash little one has awoken