Friday, 6 December 2013

Two finishes and a start!

As promised yesterday, a picture of the finished cakes, if you counted yesterday, you'll know that one more got the chomp before I managed to get back to them with icing!
 I used some of those Terrys chocolate orange segments to top them off.
 I love that they each have different messages on them.
 They are now, somewhat depleted. The men of the house got stuck in last night!
Though I did manage to save some for my brother. They will be delivered later today.
Finish number two is Santa!
All done. Minus that awful looking border, thank you for that suggestion Janice!
He had  another good soak this morning and I even had another go at scrubbing at that rusty spot. There are still grubby spots, but hopefully Carlo can hide them when he frames it for me.
My new start is called 
Lucky Escape.
can you tell what it is yet?
The entire project is worked in only eight colours, though some of them are blended to make a total of twelve symbols on the chart! It's also very small, with a finished size of 5 x 5 inches.
So I'll get this done, while I ponder my next larger project.
Dear Tony was contracted back to work by the receiving company. He has 25 days of work and will be paid for all 25 days, even if he finishes early. 
They are paying him VERY well too!
I received a letter the other day telling me that I have been given a case worker for my visa application and it may take 10 - 12 weeks to process! I could have cried, I was hoping to have the news before Christmas.
My case worker is supposed to email me, and send me a link, so that I can track my progress through the system, she hasn't done that yet. Does that mean I have landed on her desk, but didn't yet make it onto her radar?
Everyone keeps on reassuring me that there should be no problem.
I'm married to a Kiwi ex Pat.
We are in a long term relationship. (12 years)
And have provided oodles of proof of our relationship.
We don't have medical problems
We don't have criminal records.
According to Tony we are just a rubber stamp job!
And I should know very soon.
All I want for Christmas is a visa in my passport!


Mad about Craft said...

Your Santa is lovely! as are the buns!

I hope Santa brings you a belated Xmas pressie in the form of your visa.

Sinta Renee said...

Here is hoping that you do have a lucky escape indeed and that your paperwork will be processed promptly!

Diane-crewe said...

fingers crossed for you that you hear soon x cakes look wonderful x

QuiltSue said...

My comments, in order of your post:
Oh nooo.

Janice said...

Happy dance! So good to see Santa finished and such a relief for you. I can see why the cakes didn't last long, they look great all decorated. I'm glad Tony received the contract - now we just need to get you organised. Fingers, toes and everything I can think of crossed for you.