Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Beginning a new life.

After the misery of the Northern winter and all of those storms, it's wonderful to be here in New Zealand beginning our new life.Yes I know, Autumn is on the way and soon enough I'll be in another winter.
Meanwhile.... Blue skies!
 We're staying with Tony's brother and sister in law and their family. The house is beautiful.
 With a lovely secluded garden to the rear.
It would seem that we have Manx neighbours, just a few doors up the road! I know you can't really see it here, but that red smear is my national flag!
We didn't meet them yet.
Tony and Joe both have job interviews in the next couple of days.
I'm still looking.
Getting here was a very long journey, but we arrived remarkably well adjusted and with very little jet lag. 
We've been busy catching up with family and friends, and I've had my first crafty encounter! A family friend was here over the weekend, she spotted my crochet and we spent the next couple of hours talking craft and going back through my blog looking at my creations. She was inspired and went off to find her crochet hook and some yarn, in order to create her own chop suey style blanket.
Time to go play with my own hook!


Lorraine said...

Yay! You're there! I am sure you will be settled in in no time. No hurry to get a job - more crafting time! :) Glad the trip went smoothly - we are a bit closer now you are in NZ!

Jewells said...

Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere.

Margaret said...

Welcome to New Zealand. Haven't we put on good weather for you. No storms, no rain .... yet!

Diane-crewe said...

so glad you arrived safe and sound x NOW it begins xx

Jenny said...

Welcome to New Zealand!!!!

Perhaps we will get to meet up sometime, when we travel down South or you come up to the north.

QuiltSue said...

Oh that blue sky looks wonderful. I hope the interviews go well and that you find something soon too.

Janice said...

Great to see that you are settling in. Good luck to the boys with their interviews. Have fun crafting while you can and make the most of the lovely weather.

Ali Honey said...

Glad you are safely in NZ. I hope our country and people treat you kindly and you become a happy Kiwi.

Nicky said...

Yippee! You're here, great to see there's some sunny days for you to enjoy, it has been patchy lately down South. Good luck for the job hunting!

Gari in AL said...

Great! So nice that you are already making crafty friends and loving where you are. Are you going to be looking for your own place or staying with family

AnnieO said...

Amazing! So glad you're finally where you've aimed for so long. Best of luck to you and Tony as you start up in this new adventure in NZed!

Deb said...

Welcome to NZ. Seems really like only yesterday when I realised you were coming here and now you're here. I hope our weather stays fine for a wee while longer but I think we have been lucky, it has been some wonderful weather.
When you are more settled we will have to get together for a coffee and craft day. It's only a couple of hours to Timaru.Does your sister-in-law do any crafts? Good luck to your husband for job hunting.

Jane Hards Photography said...

If you ever find yourself missing Ramsey, I have a daily photo.....A lot has changed since I last blogged and you're in a whole other country. Good luck, there are quite a few Manxies in NZ and Aus.

Islandgirl said...

Hey Lou great pictures! Everything looking good for you all. Just think you went half way round the world and found a Manxie! Lol!
If you are missing the Island I can always send you some pics of our house window deep in the snow last March!!
Good luck with your job hunting.....maybe you can sell some of your wonderful crafty things you do so well?
Missing you