Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Pictures, but still no internet.

We still have no internet at the new place, but Tony has looked into it, soon he tells me, soon.
Meanwhile, I get to use the internet at Steven and Lees place, while I wait for the washing machine, we don't have one of those either, so we pop back every couple of days with a basket full!
Today I zipped around with the camera, so you can see my still somewhat bare new place.
The most important room first.
This will be my den! Plenty of room for cutting and work tables in here. Not to mention all my sewing machines and other goodies. I will possibly have to invest in a book case, we'll see how things look once our container arrives.
 Next view, my kitchen, my lovely, lovely kitchen. I love it.
I love the light, I love the space.
 So big and airy after the last one!
And from the other end. Tony jokes that I could fit a body in the fridge!
The pantry is huge, we could have a party in there! :-)
The master bedroom, with built in wardrobes. 
And our previously owned, but very beautiful solid Remu bed frame.
We have bedside chests coming, but meanwhile we have bedside chairs! And my smalls drawer is a shoe box in the wardrobe! You can't see it here, but there are two huge picture windows in this room.
Joes room is marginally smaller, but has much more storage, you can only see about half of the cupboards in this image!
Joe also has a previously loved Remu bed head.
The dining and sitting area is open plan off the kitchen, which I like.
For the time being we have the patio table from Tonys parents place, our own big table will be here soon.
We now also have a TV on load from Tonys sister Lisa, along with a DVD player and a pile of movies to keep us busy. :-)
 The laundry, with no washer or dryer, is behind the kitchen, and the littelest room is right at the far end of the laundry!
I could almost swim in that bath, it's long, wide and deep!
I've been into work twice now. On Monday I did three hours of orientation and met some colleagues. Today I went in to meet some more colleagues and have a play with some of the systems.
I start my first shift at 05.15 on Friday.
We got a letter from the Isle of Man tax department. They owe us £2,100. ish!
Mums house is sold, subject to all the legal beagle stuff!
Life is good.


Janice said...

You won't know yourself with all that space. I too love you kitchen. The skylight is great. It won't take you long to get settled in. Good luck with your shift on Friday.

Cath said...

So glad that life is treating you well. hope you get to enjoy the new job. your house looks fabulous.
Take care xxx

Margaret said...

I remember going to those pools back when I was very young. They look as if they have been modernised since :-) Nice house. I am pleased you have a special room for your "stuff

Ali Honey said...

That all looks really light and fresh and roomy.
Your work place looks very new and modern and amazing.
What exactly will you be doing?

QuiltSue said...

Your new home looks wonderful. So much space, and so light. Furniture arriving shortly, a tak rebate, new jobs all round - sounds like things are falling into place wonderfully well for you.

Jenny said...

My goodness, what will you be doing at the pool? And will you have to wear your togs? (Kiwi for bathing suit) I always thought that you were a nurse!

Nicky said...

Your new home looks so lovely and cosy, I love the kitchen too and your rimu bed is a stunner. How cool that you will have your own crafty space too....

Gari in AL said...

I really fell behind in reading but, wow, what a great house you got. Now just what will you be doing at the fitness center?