Tuesday, 22 April 2014

We're back on the air!

The chap from the internet service provider was here this morning and we're back on the air! Hooray!
I was feeling terribly lost without the WWW!
Time now to catch up on some blog reading!
But firstly, I can't blog without a picture!
Here is how my crochet blanket is looking.
If you remember the yarn I'm using is all reclaimed from the Sally Army op shop. I love that as I unravel the balls the yarn is all crinkly and wrinkly from having been knitted or crochet previously.  A friend had a dig about in her stash and gave me some leftovers she found in lovely naturally coloured wool yarns too.
I believe I have enough now to get this one finished.
By the time I do that our container should be here!
It's due into Christchurch in two weeks time, then hopefully we will take delivery very soon after that.
I have enjoyed my crochet project and will need another to keep me going through the winter evenings, but oh boy! I miss my sewing machines. I have a whole new play room with nothing in it! I'm itching to sort out and arrange things in there!
I guess I'll do some sewing too!


Margaret said...

Here's hoping your container arrives and is 'disinterred' speedily. Love the blanket!

AnnieO said...

Hooray indeed! I'm sure rediscovering all your things will be satisfying! Love your op shop project, it is looking very cozy.

Diane-crewe said...

so glad it is all coming together for you xx you may have to "give-up and start again!!" with the blog reading! missing a day can make for a marathon read!! Good luck x

Lorraine said...

Love the blanket....you have been busy!! It will be great to get all your "stuff"! Especially your sewing machines....have fun setting up the play room!