Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Men at Work

 And here they are!
Right outside my house.
They are chasing a leak in the water main.
A couple of months ago it was away down the road, they repaired that and another one sprang a little higher up the road, so they came back and fixed that, then there was another one...... I think we are up to the fifth one now.
maybe they should just replace the whole lot!!? LOL
While I was taking their picture, I remembered that I had wanted to get a pic of the big magnolia tree over the road. I have always loved magnolias and love to see them here around my new home.
They are all so much bigger than any I saw on the Isle of Man.
Still with me?
Your reward is to see my new stash.
Yesterday we had to go up to Christchurch.
Tony had to visit a certain store to be fitted for a best man suit.
I had to find a posh frock too.
Getting there and back means driving passed Annie's Country Quilt Store, not once but twice!
Well you know I had to call in!
I have visited the store before, (last picture in this post), way back in 2009. It hasn't changed. Oh, there are new patterns and new items on display, but it is still an Aladdin's cave of quilty goodness. :-)
As you can see I treated myself to some kiwiana charms and jelly slices and a sweet kit.
The washing machine is all finished, so I'm off to the washing line.
I have to say after years of apartment living, it's wonderful to have a washing line again. :-)


Diane-crewe said...

I can see why you had to call in .. NO WAY could you pass it twice!! lol x hope you both got fitted out x what fun to have a wedding to go to x Seems it would have cost MUCH less to have just put in a new pipe all together! seems councils and workmen are the same the world over xx lol x

Janice said...

I'm glad you are getting to enjoy the magnolia over the road. Good to see you have been supporting the local quilt shops. Have fun with your goodies.