Sunday, 7 September 2014

A busy and productive Sunday.

 Today has been a great day. Warm and sunny. Tony and I spent a few hours doing jobs around the house and Tony got on with a couple of repair jobs for me, while I mowed the lawns. 
Something I haven't done for may years.
It wasn't all work though, I put new padding and a new cover onto Mums bedroom stool.
It looks much better now.
I'm not the greatest at upholstering and those corners really looked odd, so I sat out in the sun to tidy them up a little with a needle and thread.
How's this for a work space?
I think we need to invest in some more outdoor furniture. 
For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, here is a look at early spring temperatures here in NZ.
3rd of September is about the same time of year as 3rd of March.
Hot enough to toast me nicely. I didn't take the thermometer out there today, but it's about the same.
I'm sure I'm going to enjoy living in NZ.
I've been stitching away on Sleepy, she has changed a little, but will save her portrait for another day.
As well as work out in the garden I had a good tidy up in my work room and actually sat at my sewing machine to repair a swim bag. Our little niece will be happy. 
And I pulled out a couple of quilting magazines looking for inspiration.
 Dinner is on the rotisserie in the BBQ.
With a lovely fresh salad.
So time now for us to relax.
Shall I stitch or sun bathe?


Diane-crewe said...

I very much like your sewing space xx

Janice said...

A you can see, I'm in blog reading catch up mode. That tartan does seem somewhat familiar. A nice reminder of home for you.