Monday, 22 September 2014

Holiday weekend.

Here in NZ we have a public holiday today. (Monday), well some of us do.
It is South Canterbury day, and as we live in South Canterbury, today is a holiday.
Which means just another day for me, but my Hunney gets to have a day off work.
Good thing really, he has flu.
He is not one to moan and complain, he really doesn't do the whole getting ill thing.
So when he says he doesn't feel well and thinks he has a temperature, I sit up and listen.
Get well soon my love.
So while he had a lazy day on the sofa yesterday, I got on and sewed!
It's all secret stuff, so I can't show you much, but I can let you have little peeps.
I used these fabrics.
 Do you like my light box? There are three different yellow flowers out there.
The only one I recognise is Forsythia!
There is also another Rhododendron, a white one this time.
 What ever I'm sewing, will have this sewn on somwhere.
 A quick selfie, to prove I really was in my play room.
And to show of my new specs.
What do you think?
 By the time I served up roast beef dinner all the piecing and hand stitching was completed.
Now I just have to layer and quilt it.
Then it's on to the next secret project.
And onto something that is not so secret.
Sleepy has grown somewhat.
I have reached the farthest right side of the pattern.
She really is a joy to stitch and I found it a difficult choice yesterday, knowing I have to get on with secret Christmas stuff, but itching to stitch on Sleepy.
Maybe if I do a small Christmas item today, I'll have time to stitch on sleepy later.
Sounds like a good plan.
I'm meeting a friend for my walk today, that will be nice. Occasionally Tony joins me, but usually I walk alone.
I also have laundry and baking to do.
Have you heard of 'Nut Roll Tins'?
I never had, until two weeks ago.
I'll take pictures. :-)


QuiltSue said...

I hope you enjoyed the walk and that Tony recovers soon.

Jewells said...

Love your light box! LOL!

Diane-crewe said...

hope he feels better soon.. what a rubbish way to spend a day off! Hope you enjoyed your walk with your friend .. I mostly walk with the dogs .. but enjoy company that can talk back .. or at least answer me!! lol new glasses look good x

Janice said...

I hope Tony is feeling better soon. I can't believe how organised you are with Christmas. I'm still in the 'thinking about it' phase. Enjoy your walk. Are you talking about the round tube cake tins. Yes, I have a couple of them, but don't use them very often.