Monday, 1 September 2014

I got bored!

What was I bored with?
The bells of course.
I know it is only a small project and I'm over the halfway mark, but I got bored with them.
 So, what could be more interesting than the bells?
Well something huge of course.
Here you see the result of 3 days work on the design I showed in my last post.
Mirabilia's Sleeping Beauty.
I have to say I am enjoying stitching her. 
I should have plenty of time to spend with her this week as it is my short week at work.
In other news, Tony and I spent ages in the garden yesterday and had a good tidy up. 
We did tell the landlady that we're not gardeners but agreed to do our best to keep things tidy.
I'll try to get out there with the camera soon, everything is coming back to life. :-)
We've been getting out and about looking at properties and also consulted a mortgage broker. 
We're not in a hurry, but we are looking to buy our own place. 
I need to do some baking today, before I can play.
I'm not sure what to make though, so I'm off to browse my books.
Hope you had a great weekend and have a good day, what ever you have planned.


Diane-crewe said...

mmm hope you made a cake xx lol x I have been in the garden .. clearing up ready for the .. fast approaching winter weather x Daffs planted .. baskets and tubs cleared x .. how exciting to be looking for a house x.. your own place to look forwards to x At least you can take your time and find just what you want xx.. have fun x

Janice said...

At least when you got bored you were still productive. Now you will have two projects to play with. Great fun. I'm so pleased that your house dreams are getting close to realisation. Is there much nice stuff on the market? Your gardening where you are will be good practice for the future. LOL