Friday, 12 September 2014

I sewed!

But only a little.
The other day I sat here, with this lovely view and played with my recent Kiwiana fabric purchase.
The black birds and starlings kept me company, hopping about patrolling the lawn.
I must get back to that project, it should be a quick finish, but this beautiful weather we're having is getting me out and about enjoying the sunshine.
 I had to take photos as evidence for those back on the Isle of Man.
Look! 38 degrees yesterday afternoon!
Today is shaping up to be a good one too. 9.30 am and it was over 21 degrees outside.
I'm off to work a late shift today, so won't be spending much time out enjoying the sun.


Deb said...

Hasn't the weather be absolutely amazing Lou. I so love this time of the year and it always seems to happen with a bang. Makes you feel good to believe alive.

Diane-crewe said...

how wonderful that you are having lovely weather x we have sun and the odd bit of cloud x the morning s however are getting to have a bit of a bite to them ... I have to admit I do like it when it gets cooler x

Janice said...

I can't believe the weather you have been having. We reached 25 degrees yesterday, but generally it has been high teens or low 20s. I wish I could say that I've been sewing, but I haven't done much at all lately.