Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's not all about Cross stitch!

Yes Diane, I did bake a cake. A stewed apple cake.
Here is how it looked at 9 o'clock this morning
 And by 10! I think someone had some for breakfast!
It's even smaller now, he gave a piece away!
(Only to make his friend jealous, cause his mum doesn't bake). 
 So I made more.
White chocolate and cranberry muffins.
Hmm, I'm sure I made 18 of those.
It's good that they enjoy my baking. 


AnnieO said...

Baked treats never last long around here either!

Jenny said...

Nothing beats home baking!!

Janice said...

Yum!! I can see why your baking was disappearing.

Brenda A said...

Lies! You could cross stitch a picture of a cake. That would count too! :)

Also, looks yummy!