Saturday, 4 October 2014

Spring Storms

Last night, just after 7pm a storm rattled through Timaru.
First it got dark, the skies were quite threatening. There were some flashes of lightening, one of which was right overhead, I didn't even get as far as saying " one, one thousand", before the crack of thunder rumbled around us and made the house shake. I'm told by a colleague who was on duty that one stroke of lightening hit the out door pool at work and caused some amazing waves.
After the thunder, came the hail stones.
 Our street was turned into a winter wonderland.
 We waved to the neighbours who were also taking photos.
 There were some good sized lumps of ice in all that, many as big as marbles!
But I wasn't going out in it to get them, so you'll have to make do with these slightly smaller pieces.
All of the larger pieces seemed to be this gumdrop shape.
It remained cold overnight, and this morning we still have a white world around us.
A good day to stay indoors. 
I made a sticky cake and now I'm off to play in my den.
Secret stuff again!
At least it has me back at the sewing machine and giving you all a break from the cross stitch!
I am missing sleepy though.
Maybe next week?


Gari in AL said...

Very impressive storm.

Deb said...

Wow Lou that was an impressive night you guys down south had. We were lucky and didn't get any or if we did I slept through it, lol. Looks pretty though.

Janice said...

Wow! That is quite a hail storm. You can always tell you will get hail when the sky goes green like your first photo. Just as well you weren't out walking when that came through.

Jenny said...

That's a whole lot of hail!

We have just been away in the caravan to Wanganui and were pelted with hail stones as I desperately tried to get the gate unlocked. But nothing like yours - ours melted in no time at all.