Friday, 21 November 2014

A new friend.

Way back in May, just not long after I started work at the pool complex, this guy was handed in over the desk. Someone had found him in the car park. He sat for a while on the desk, we were sure someone would come along and claim him, but alas no one did.
 After a while, one of my colleagues moved him into the lost property room.
Well I was in there the other day looking for something and came across him. Poor soul, left in a dark room with a load of smelly gym gear and togs.
I felt so sorry for him, so I sat him on the bosses desk with a note.
I mentioned that he had been in the pound for nearly 6 months and surely I could adopt him.
Now he sits on the back of my chair, and watches while I sew. :-)
Speaking of sewing.
 I bought a quilt hanger for this advent and got it into the post yesterday.
It is on it's way to my beautiful little grand daughter Faith, along with a bag of chocs for the pockets.
Almost done with the secret stuff, So hopefully I'll be able to blog about my sewing again soon.


AnnieO said...

Cute puppy!
Your advent project turned out so sweet! Faith will love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee wow love the advent ans hanger what a lovely gift and i am so glad that puppy now has a new home.xx

Diane-crewe said...

it is always good to adopt a pet!! lol x love the advent hanging x

Gari in AL said...

Great find! It is always fun to have a sewing pal.