Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Growing things.

We have had some beautifully warm spring weather, with a few spring downpours! (I guess they equate to April showers in good old Blighty!)
So my rented garden is growing well.
This beautiful yellow rose bush is growing over the fence, I think its roots belong to next door.
 There are many other beauties flowering and lots and lots of green leaves and shoots appearing.
some of those green shoots are of my own doing.
I have spuds!
I feel a little agreeved that I may have to leave them behind. Though my father in law thinks I may be able to unearth some, just as we are due to move into our new place. 
I've also planted a few bean plants into some portable tubs, no worries about leaving those behind.
 Just one month until we move. Sometimes it seems so far away, and other times it seems like it will spin around so fast,
and somtimes I think, what again! Do I really have to move again!? It seems like I've done more than my share of sorting out, giving away and packing up my home in the last few years.
okay enough of that!
Something else thats growing is my beautiful grand daughter Faith.
I love this picture of her peeping out of her castle/tent.
so beautiful, makes my heart burst.


Diane-crewe said...

look forwards to all the GOOD things .. your own garden to grow and nurture x Your own home to create x AND Christmas in your own place xx.. and hopefully this will be the last move x

AnnieO said...

Faith is beautiful! Glad you get peeps at her this way.
Your spring sounds good for growing!

Janice said...

Our banksia rose is starting to come into its own now as well. What a pity you will miss out on your spuds. Let's hope you can bandicoot a few before you leave. Our beans are coming along. We had a frost a few days ago, but we only lost a couple. I can't get over how Faith is growing.