Tuesday, 27 January 2015

An almost finish

Cut, pieced, quilted and almost bound, all in a couple of hours!
What a happy little quilt. I'm delighted with it.
My back is feeling much stronger and I felt able to sit and sew today. I did all of the work here in my wee room, even the cutting, here on this table.
I'm still a little stiff and I need to continue to be careful, but I enjoyed my sewing time today.
Each time I walked out to the ironing board in the hall I could feel things loosening up.
Time now for a change of seats and a little hand stitching as I close the binding and add a label.
I have another Kiwiana table topper that still needs to be layered, quilted and bound, maybe that could be a task for tomorrow?
Did you visit my blog yesterday?
Possibly not, I haven't been posting much of late and you could be forgiven for looking in only once a week!
Well yesterday I told all about my pal Debbie and her new blog.
As you know Debbie is my new friend here in Timaru. She is a very clever lady. Life, family and work got in the way of her crafting and sewing endeavours, but our meeting has re awoken her talents. She has produced some lovely items and has a few UFOs which I'm encouraging her to finish, as well as leading her very easily along the path to true addiction!
Her stash is growing, as is her shopping list and the list of 'one day' projects!
Go along a visit Debbie, make her feel welcome to the land of blog.


Ali Honey said...

So glad your back is coming right. I've been to visit your friend and wish her well with her blog. Keep up the good work!

Deb said...

So good to hear that your back is starting to improve and your are also starting to get back into sewing. Great news about Debs blog, I will pop on over and welcome her.

Debbie McRobie said...

looks good Lou. Can't wait to start my one like it. Meant to ask you if you could forward the photo of it that you took but I can see now how it looked.

Maria said...

Pleased your back is getting better and you are doing some sewing again.

haven't been reading as many blogs as I my internet is sew slow....

will pop over now and visit Deb.

QuiltSue said...

I've visited your friend's blog, but can't find a way to follow her other than with Google+ which I absolutely hate and will not use for anything. Can you help her add herself to bloglovin or something do you think?