Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Can't sew, will stash!

That pinched nerve in my back means that I still can't sew, it's too uncomfortable.
All the upping and downing from the sewing machine to the design floor to the work table and back to the machine is just too painful.
I can stash though! 
Yesterday I called in at Sandy's. Each time they get a new batch of scraps in they sort through them and put the foody pieces aside for me.
 This time I got cupcakes and oranges. Yum!
There is also a fat quarter of cheese!
While I was at the shop there was a particularly heavy rain shower, so I stayed put for a while chatting with Claire, while I chatted I browsed and I came across these pretty charm packs.
They are quite low volume and very very pretty. As there are only 25 pieces per pack I just had to have two packs. You know how it is.
I have a series of stitchery patterns that I collected some years ago, they will adapt beautifully to these colours. Now I just have to kit it up and move it up the list.
Not that I don't have plenty to do already. I still didn't finish the Batik chain quilt or even make a start on my Christmas story BOM that I'm doing with Debs. So glad we agreed on taking to the end of Feb to finish the first block! Deb has all of her appliqué pieces prepared and is ready to stitch them, she is dithering about hand or machine stitching, but after chatting with staff at the bernina centre in Ashburton on Monday. I think she has settled on machine.
I'm really not sure what to do with myself today. Yesterday morning I had to get about and do a few things and my back was OKish.In fact it seemed to ease a little. Later in the day I found a comfy spot and rested, which didn't help, it seized up and it was excruciating when it came time to move and remained so throughout the evening. Today I need to just keep on with the gentle moving I think. I'm just unsure at this time what exactly that will entail. I did think about starting the day with a walk, but it doesn't look very nice out there. If the table in my sewing room was just a wee bit taller I could happily potter in here, perhaps cutting and preparing the Christmas story pieces, but alas it is a just the wrong height. Maybe I'll move the cutting mat onto the kitchen worktop?
I'll get my gentle walk in tripping to and from the ironing board, which is set up pretty tall from yesterday, as I couldn't manage to take it down.
What ever I do, it's time to get out of this chair!


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee,love your new purchases and i hope you are feeling better soon my friend xx

Maria said...

Lovely fabrics you bought...

Could you get your hubby to put blocks under the legs of the table to make it higher? Then you could cut .

Diane-crewe said...

those fabrics were obviously there for you to find x gentle exercise and trying to ease the muscles in your back should help x good luck x

Jenny said...

So sorry to read about your back problems. Painful backs really make us feel 20 years older, I always think.

Ali Honey said...

Get better soon wishes coming your way!

QuiltSue said...

Get well soon, but enjoy the stash enhancing meanwhile!

Gari in AL said...

I am so sorry to hear about your back problem. Since June I have found I have three herniated discs (1 in my neck and two in my middle back) plus the hip pain and then I also have developed sciatica which is a real pain. My quilting has taken a back seat to knitting but I have begun to spend 15-30 min at least once a day either sewing or prepping. Someday I hope to get back to sharing my time between quilting and knitting more equally.