Friday, 23 January 2015

Creaking along!

Thank you to everyone who has sent healing thoughts and get well wishes.
I do appreciate all of your comments.
I'm getting there, slowly, very slowly. Too slowly! LOL
The chiropractor says she is happy that I went to see her as soon as I did, rather than leave things any longer.She is also pleased that I intend to try to keep on working, (something that would have been impossible in previous jobs) I just hope my colleagues are as supportive while I work my way through this. 
As well as continuing slowly at work, I'm also still doing things here at home too, albeit at a reduced pace. 
On Tuesday after posting here I did as I suggested and took all that I needed through to the kitchen and worked on the higher surface in there. I think I possibly spent a little too much time on my feet, but just look at what I achieved.
The first blocks of A Christmas Story are all ready for sewing. I even got on my wee scooter and scooted off to Sandy's to get threads for machine appliqué.
I don't think I'm quite ready to sit at the machine yet though.
Soon hopefully.
So far, today is a good day. I managed to rumble out of bed without the lightening strikes in my back!
I pottered about getting a cuppa and basking my poor back in the warming morning sun.
Then after a very long and HOT shower, I was able to continue slowly with the usual routine of dressing me and the bed still with no lightening strikes. (Have you ever had a trapped nerve? I think lightening strikes is the best way to describe the intense tweaks of pain that come amid the dull aches and burning that is all the surrounding muscle tissues trying to cope with what is going on) Then I pottered on outside to see what my little garden is doing. The tomatoes are huge, they are taking over the sunny back porch, so I tidied them a little, trimming a few leaves that are being brushed by the doors. I watered them, then went outside to see my beans.
Oh I know, it's only half a dozen, but they are my beans, I grew them.
Hopefully this time next year I'll have a proper little veggie garden and be able to grow more than a few beans.
I know I have told Tony this and friends and family, but have I mentioned to you just how much I love this life that I'm building here in New Zealand?
Time to move, I've sat here for too long and can feel things seizing up!


Deb said...

Lou do take care of your back. I know from personal experience how bad it can be, three spinal surgeries later! I was at the stage where I could only lie flat and I was stitching in this position to keep my sanity. Thank goodness you can keep moving about and keep things getting worse.Your applique is looking fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou,lovely blocks and you cant beat home grown vegies,take care my friend xx

Jewells said...

Good on you for not giving in to your back.. you have achieved so much!

Jenny said...

I use the top of our chest freezer in the garage to cut on, it is just the right height for me and there is plenty of room for my board, ruler, cutter, and fabrics.

Our kitchen servery is a good height too.

The chiropractor will soon have you well on the way to recovery, I hope. Robin has bad knees and has finally got an appointment with the physio on Monday. Must be age - all sorts of places often get sore these days.