Thursday, 29 January 2015

Two finishes.

I couldn't let January close without at least one finish!
And now I have two. The smaller of these two table runners was made on Tuesday, the larger one, underneath with the white border was started last year, way back before we moved house.
The top was complete, it just needed to e quilted and bound.
It feels good to get that finished.
I have a third Kiwiana here on my cutting board, well when I say quilt....
You know I mean a pile of fabrics and lots of good intentions right?
I went to see my niece yesterday, look what she did for me.
OK, so the flowers are just stickers, but very creative and artistic, the way she stuck them on!
I love them.
Did you go and see Debbies blog yet?
She has put up a second post, showing some of her recent makes.
She was thrilled with the comments she received on her first post, thank you everyone who stopped to say hello.


Diane-crewe said...

LOVE your nails xx

Debbie McRobie said...

Love the kiwiana runners
beautiful nails too. Katherine is so cleaver.

Janice said...

Looking good. You are having great fun with the Kiwiana fabrics. And, cute nails.